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Whether you are looking to improve your oral health to feel more confident smiling or to save yourself time and money through prevention, here is what a few of our clients have said…

online tele-dental hygiene/program

"I will always be championing anything you recommend"

Heather I just want to say that connecting with you by chance and following your posts for a while gave me reason to explore more with you. I signed up for one of your complimentary analysis of my severe periodontitis and then a zoom meeting.  Later I  joined the course.   

I want to say thank you as your knowledge through the course has had a massive impact on my health and therefore me.  My specialist periodontal doctor in the UK, has said that he has not seen my mouth so good in 9 years.  I think at that point I was happy but only became ecstatic once you saw my x-ray’s and was stunned at my progress as you had never met me or seen my ‘before’ x-rays either.  I had no idea what good looked like.  You definitely have showed me!

My life in terms of diet has changed and it will remain that way for the rest of my life!  I consider my Spit well and truly being fixed and continue to keep it fixed and have you to thank.  So thank you and I will always be championing anything you recommend.

— D.S.

mobile dental hygiene /family

"The convenience of in-home dental care is absolutely priceless"

My family’s personal experience  working with Heather as our in-home dental hygienist has been a wonderful convenience in our busy lives. Heather offers an extremely high level of professionalism and pride in her growing business. Heather is timely, knowledgeable, and efficient. We feel we are receiving  very thorough care not only for the health of your mouths and teeth but the general knowledge about health that Heather shares during our visits is so valued.  The convenience of in-home dental care is absolutely priceless as we all have very busy lives, with two teens that have work or extracurricular events nightly. I have also had the pleasure of taking part in the breathwork classes. These are extremely beneficial for my general health and well being. Thank you Heather, you and the services you offer are much appreciated by our family. 

— L.H.


"I truly understand now how my mouth is connected to my whole health"

 “I’ve had cavity issues my whole life and over the last year they only got 10 times worse. I had to get so much dental work in the past year. The only advice I got from my dentist was to floss better and use mouthwash. I knew that was not the answer and something more was involved. That’s when I started to look for more info and found the beyond floss community. I had a opportunity to complete Heathers connection assessment and have a clarity call with her. She was the first one to tell me I was right that something more is going on. She gave me great advice on how to listen to my body and how our mouth saliva needs to be healthy. Unhealthy saliva = unhealthy body. She was the first one to tell me that floss won’t fix my problems. I liked how she looked at my whole medical history and gave great information about how medical disorders show up in the mouth as a warning signs. The assessment breaks apart your health in categories that help you locate what health issues are causing your dental issues. After the call with Heather I went on a bunny trail to fix my saliva. I decided to visit my general doctor and he discovered my allergies and meds were throwing off my vitamin levels. I had very low calcium, magnesium and b12 levels. Those vitamins greatly impact our teeth health. Right then I realized that my teeth were telling me I had a health concern. My doctor got me on a better medication for allergies and vitamin supplements to help regulate my levels. I just recently had my levels checked and everything is at healthy levels and I recently had a dental check up. At that check up I was told that everything in my mouth looked amazing, healthy and I had NO new cavities. I have never not had a spot to watch, cavities or have been told I need to floss more. Thanks to Heather and her advice I was able to figure out the issue at the core. I truly understand now how my mouth is connected to my whole health.”

— C.H.

Clinic Client

"I am always awed at how up to date she is on her professional knowledge"

“I would like to recommend Heather Ling Medeiros as a wonderful, kind, and professional dental hygienist. I have utilized Heather’s services for over 10 years and am always awed at how up to date she is on her professional knowledge. She has tips to share to keep my mouth and teeth in the best shape. Do not hesitate to visit Heather for a dental hygiene check-up. You will not be disappointed!”

— J.A.

breathwork, the missing link and powerful tool for improved oral health and wellness

"Breathwork had an immediate effect on my mood"

“I’m blown away by the difference breathwork makes in my life. I’ve done some variety of workouts, physical therapies and mental therapies, yet none had the effect breathwork does. Breathwork had an immediate effect on my mood, physical discomforts, and presence. I would hire you every day if our financial and time budget allowed.”

— K.W.

breathwork, the missing link and powerful tool for improved oral health and wellness

"The most transformative mode of self-care that I have ever come across"

“Breathwork is the most transformative mode of self-care that I have ever come across. Heather’s passion for this powerful modality is so apparent as she guides you through the breathing with her confident yet gentle and reassuring words. Heather empowers you and opens the door with you to self-healing allowing you to feel true bliss. You won’t regret investing the time in this deeply relaxing and transformational practice. 
Thank you Heather for supporting and guiding me through one of the toughest years of my life.”

— C.A.

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The Resilient Smile Solution

This program is specially designed for busy women who experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm on top of suffering from tooth, gum and TMJ problems…even though they are doing all the things recommended! Stay tuned!

Do you have a crack in your oral health foundation? 

Stop feeling guilty about your flossing habits (or lack thereof) and start building a strong oral health foundation to help prevent sensitive teeth, bleeding/receding gums and cavities.