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Ready to have an uneventful dental appointment? 

One where you actually look forward to it and may even have a nap in the chair?  

It is said that the mouth is a mirror to the body and sensitive teeth, bleeding and receding gums, cavities may be common but shouldn’t be dismissed as normal.  Let us help you understand the clues your mouth is giving you about the health of your entire body.  

Ready to take a different approach to your oral health?   Let’s work together and get to the root of the problem! 

Sensitive teeth, gum problems and cavities?

If you are tired of doing you best to do all the things and are still continuing to have problems at your dental checkups then it is time to take a different approach to getting your mouth healthy and prevent future problems so you can have comfortable and uneventful dental visits!

Heather I just want to say that connecting with you by chance and following your posts for a while gave me reason to explore more with you. I signed up for one of your complimentary analysis of my severe periodontitis and then a zoom meeting.  Later I joined the course. I want to say thank you as your knowledge through the course has had a massive impact on my health and therefore me.  My specialist periodontal doctor in the UK, has said that he has not seen my mouth so good in 9 years.  I think at that point I was happy but only became ecstatic once you saw my x-ray's and was stunned at my progress as you had never met me or seen my 'before' x-rays either.  I had no idea what good looked like.  You definitely have showed me! My life in terms of diet has changed and it will remain that way for the rest of my life!  I consider my Spit well and truly being fixed and continue to keep it fixed and have you to thank.  So thank you and I will always be championing anything you recommend.

— D.S.

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Our Process

Ready to make the shift from thinking the only way to improve oral health is to brush and floss more to know exactly how to take control of your oral health so that sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, cavities and fearing dental visits are a thing of the past?

Our mission is to get to the “root” of the problem so you can have the “route” to be able to heal and fix it!  The mouth is the mirror to the body and problems with the teeth and gums should not be “brushed off” as just a mouth issue.

We help you get to the root of the problem

Bleeding, receding gums, cavities and TMJ problems are symptoms of something else happening in the body and being told to just floss more is not going to be very helpful.  Frustrating yes, helpful no! First, we help you get to the root of the problem.

We help find your route to a happy, healthy mouth

We help you connect your mouth to the rest of your body giving you a better understanding of both and create a plan to help you reduce symptoms and prevent future problems.

We help you maintain a healthy smile

We help you build and maintain a solid oral health foundation so you can keep your teeth forever!