heather ling medeiros is ...

A Registered Dental Hygienist and ...

has been a partner in prevention for 20 years to her online and offline clients. She guides you in connecting what your mouth is telling you about your overall health, in a judgement free alternative to the traditional dental office setting. Heather’s mission is for every person to feel empowered, energized and on a path to optimal health after each appointment and online consultation. 

Paint the picture of what’s possible

Helping you heal your mouth and save time and money at your dental visits!

Imagine actually looking forward to your dental appointments!

Living your life and loving your smile and knowing exactly what needs to be done to keep your teeth and gums healthy forever.  No longer dreading what the dentist may find…

Ready to have dental visits that feel more like a spa experience?

more about heather

Heather is not your typical dental hygienist.

She is a sporadic flosser and lover of stain causing food and drinks. Yup, red wine and beet salads are a part of her happy place! She believes that oral care and dental advice should be sustainable in the long term. Simply telling you to brush and floss more is not going to make a difference if you don’t have other foundational aspects in place first.

Heather brings light to the reality that there is simply not enough time in a routine dental hygienist appointment to make the connection between what is being observed in the mouth and what that is telling us about our body as a whole. That is why she created her signature program “The Beyond The Floss Formula” which is designed to help people eat, sleep and breathe their way towards a healthy mouth and body in the comfort of their own home, and at their own pace.

Heather advocates that your mouth is a window to the health of your entire body and more time needs to be prioritized to understand what your bleeding gums and sensitive teeth are telling you about your breathing habits and even possible inflammation somewhere in your body. This is the future of dental hygiene and a better, more functional dental hygiene approach.

How do you help your clients with the services you offer?

We help people build and strengthen a solid oral health foundation so that you don’t worry about new cavities or receding gums that may need grafts or bone loss, pockets and gum disease…


We think flossing is overrated so you will never hear us nagging about it!

(Core Value) We are here for you and we listen

You are not a number you will be cared for like you are our only client!

(What we are not about) We won't tell you to floss more!

Bleeding, receding gums, cavities and TMJ problems are symptoms of sometime else happening in the body and being told to just floss more is not going to be very helpful.  Frustrating yes, helpful no!

(Fun fact) We love stain causing foods and drinks!

A bright and white healthy smile does wonders for our confidence! We love coffee, red wine, beets and blueberries so we found a way to keep the stains away and still enjoy these delicious things regularly!