Love Your Smile!

And look forward to uneventful dentist visits! 

So many people continue to struggle with sensitive teeth, bleeding/receding gums and cavities despite doing their best to do what’s recommended.

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Get your free guide and discover 5 surprising things that can lead to tooth sensitivity!

While it is pretty normal to have some tooth sensitivity when biting into a popsicle (eek), it is not normal for sensitivity to affect your day to day life.

Ready to have an uneventful dental appointment?  One where you actually look forward to it and may even have a nap in the chair?  

It is said that the mouth is a mirror to the body and sensitive teeth, bleeding and receding gums, cavities may be common but shouldn’t be dismissed as normal.  Let us be your partner in prevention and help you understand the clues your mouth is giving you about the health of your entire body.  

Ready to take a different approach to your oral health?   Let’s work together and get to the root of the problem! 

1:1 Preventative Dental Hygiene Care

Our goal is to help you improve your oral health and prevent future problems so that you can keep your teeth forever! We work with you in a more relaxed environment, an alternative to the traditional dental setting.

Family preventative dental hygiene care in the comfort of your home!

Dental appointment can be stressful enough on top of juggling busy family schedules. Why not let us bring our mobile preventative services to you in the comfort of your own home?

Tele-dental hygiene support and education

Let us help you bridge the gap between your dental appointments. Our digital programs and tele-dental hygiene services allow us to help you take control of your oral health and improve the outcome of your dental appointments even when you don’t live nearby!

About me ...

Not your regular dental hygienist 

Sporadic flosser and lover of red wine and coffee! We understand that maintaining good oral health and preventing potentially painful and costly issues goes well beyond just brushing and flossing! 

"I would like to recommend Heather Ling Medeiros as a wonderful, kind, and professional dental hygienist. I have utilized Heather's services for over 10 years and am always awed at how up to date she is on her professional knowledge. She has tips to share to keep my mouth and teeth in the best shape. Do not hesitate to visit Heather for a dental hygiene check-up. You will not be disappointed!"​

— J.A.

Do you have a crack in your oral health foundation? 

Stop feeling guilty about your flossing habits (or lack thereof) and start building a strong oral health foundation to help prevent sensitive teeth, bleeding/receding gums and cavities.

Coming soon!

The Resilient Smile Solution

This program is specially designed for busy women who experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm on top of suffering from tooth, gum and TMJ problems…even though they are doing all the things recommended! Stay tuned!